Mr. Ellilä vs. Mr. Puumalainen

And so it begins. A criminal case against a fellow blogger.

The case against Mr Mikko Ellilä was not initiated by a disturbed citizen. It was initiated by a high official - Finland's Ombudsman for Minorities, Mr. Mikko Puumalainen.

Mr. Puumalainen does not represent all possible minorities. His duty is to represent ethnic minorities only. Furhermore, he and his staff should be promoting good ethnic relations and monitor the realisation of equality. Fine tasks. Everyone needs good relations.

An example quote from Mr. Puumalainen: "..it was futile for Finland to hope for immigrants to solve the country's labour shortage problem if the next government did not roll up its sleeves and take tangible action to improve the standing of immigrants and to weed out racism.".

Weed out racism. Harsh words.

There may be a problem regarding labour shortage. But as we all know, this problem cannot be solved by opening borders to third world countries.

Ombudsman for Minorities is getting nervous. Representatives of ethnic minorities (a polite euphemism for somalis, I guess) do not get well-paid jobs. They drop out of schools, burden the welfare system. Act violently. Just as everyone expected to happen.

Mr Ellilä is saying these things aloud. As a fellow Finnish blogger, I also write about these matters. Many others do the same. Very few using their real name. Are we being careful - or are we just being cowards? I do not know. Should we be writing using our own names or not - options I constantly waver between.

Mr Puumalainen is certainly trying to help us to make up our minds. Recently, he gave out these words: "At the moment, the main forum for agitating racism is Internet. Authorities are baffled. We should develop mechanisms (to combat racism), for instance using the technology developed for combatting child pornography. Criminal law should be clarified so that it is possible to intervene to the defamation of ethnic groups and individuals alike."

I must say, he started with the easiest victim. Mr Ellilä's writings are somewhat harsh. He constantly uses terms like "neekeri" (an equivalent to "Negro"), "destruction of western civilization by islam" etc.

And he uses his real name.

I have no idea of what's going to happen to him. He'll propably be fined for some amount. But that's not going to be the end of it. What shall be Mr. Puumalainen's next step? Will he continue his (slightly paradoxial) defamation campaign against evil wrongdoers? Or will he just demand higher fines for "offenders". Or will they initiate Internet censorship campaign?

Propably he'll go for all of them.

We must speak up while we still can.

-- lot

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Huomasin muuten että sivupalkissa oleva linkki Halla-Ahon sivuille on vanhentunut. Kannattaisi päivittää.

Dr. Doctor kirjoitti...

Sinäänsä hyvä, että etulinjaan tuli libertaari.

Kansallismielistä kirjoittajaa olisi lyöty Siitoimella ja Halmeella päähän.

Nyt voidaan puhua sananvapaudesta...Ilman natsi korttia.

Baron Bodissey kirjoitti...

I'm glad to see a report here in English, so I can read it! Thanks for adding this material.

I'll be blogging more on this eventually.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Jäämme odottamaan miten käy. Toivottavasti nousee iso haloo, sananvapaus kun kuitenkin on meille suomalaisille aika tärkeä asia.

Sananvapauteen kuuluu toki myös väärien mielipiteiden ilmaiseminen julkisesti:


IDA kirjoitti...

"Kansallismielistä kirjoittajaa olisi lyöty Siitoimella ja Halmeella päähän.

Nyt voidaan puhua sananvapaudesta...Ilman natsi korttia."

Totta. Toisaalta nykymeiningillä myös libertaarit ovat pian jotenkin natseja. Kaikki ovat :)

Kami kirjoitti...

Internet sensorship = goodbye to the last somewhat trustable form of media. Though I don't agree with Ellilä's views, this case is important. People like Puumalainen are baaaad.

Enpä odottanut että täälläkin päädytään joku päivä tällaiseen amerikkalaiseen draamaan jossa väännetään asioista jotka on ihan naurettavia. Lisää tällaista.

Kiitän, herra Puumalainen. Viisi tähteä *****. Rane ja Terho Pursiainen ovat ainoat tähän mennessä viisi tähteä saavuttaneet henkilöt. Ja Terho sentäs etsii emotionaalista voimavaraansa otsa hiessä.

Yorkshireminer kirjoitti...

I find this tragic, the Finns who have fought so long for there independence, now having to defend there right to criticize the attitude of immigrates who enter your land complain about Finnish intolerance live off taxpayers money, who have no intention of integrating and are so arrogant that they think they can tell the Finns what to do. Is it any wonder that you are getting a little bit irritated. Mind you I should really say welcome to the real world. If the E.U get there way it is going get much worse. About two weeks ago the Council of Europe gave out a proposal for a set of laws to combat racism and xenophobia in the E.U. if these laws every get passed you Finns like the rest of us could end up in prison for three years receive no welfare after you were released from prison. You would not even be allowed to work or even start your own business. They would ruin you and your family and they could do it without even a complaint from these people. Remember you will be able to export your modern technology to the third world, but you won't be able to criticize the third world who move into your neighborhood. Please remember this is not just happening to you.

Beach Girl kirjoitti...

Beach Girl here - I stand with the Baron of the Gates of Vienna. Thank you for having this in English. I will be blogging about it further at Conservative Beach Girl.

I have posted several articles regarding Mikko's case. We have our freedom of speech and we must keep it. We, bloggers, must pull together. Who comes for you today may well be coming for me tomorrow. In fact, we are under attack here as well but couched as "hate crimes" with "hate speech" tucked in.

Keep up the good fight. We are with you. If you want something posted here in the US or an issue raised, I know the Baron will post on it and I will too. So, let us know.

Even if we disagree on issues, the point is that we must protect and demand our freedom of speech - for ALL of us.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Mikko Puumalainen of USA:


" Arizona Department of Public Safety classifies Hispanic AND Black sex offenders as White "

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Supposed to be "fine"... :P

Beach Girl kirjoitti...

Excellent link up there Mr. Anonymous - the Arizona link - I'm on it.

You may like to know that I am Caucasian - white, like 99.9% native Europeans but I'm an American. When I fill out any for asking ethnic identity, my only choice is non-Hispanic white. Now someone knows there are only - what 5-6 races in the world and all else is ethnic group within a given race.

I'll check your links - it is difficult to see blacks identified as white but that does make the white folks look like all the sex offenders and we know that is not true.

Good day to you all!

pcapostate kirjoitti...

Excellent blog. It IS very important to speak out NOW as there are those that want to see a new Bolshevil revolution worldwide and the mass murder that will surely follow

Chris Womak of the Politically Correct Apostate

lot kirjoitti...

Baron, Beach Girl - please check put the last posting. It is a translation of the text Mr Puumalainen sent to the National Bureau of Investigation (=police).

Sandokan kirjoitti...

Thank you for the update and I personally can only subscribe to your point of view!

And I mailed the finnish embassy to support Mikko in this.