Songs without chorus

..Drives a man to despair
as frost harvests the crops.

In the midst of cold mud stares
a silent eye
at an axe about to raise.

In the midst of the hills
From the earth's soil
Fathers proudly watch their sons
Unemployment, booze, axe and family
Snowdrift, police and the last mistake..

So celebrate. It's a time for Juhannus

-- lot

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Beach Girl kirjoitti...

LOT, please get this linked wherever you think it should be: Fox News: "Muslims of America" sending $$$ to Pakistan and Fox News visits Red House, Va...again

Beach Girl kirjoitti...

Thank you, Beach Girl - the first link is to my follow-up post. The main post is at the Gates of Vienna. My post links to all of the Baron's and Dymphna's posts on "Muslims of America"(Jamaat ul-Fuqra. Thank you.